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ANJU Container Homes

Expandable Deluxe

Expandable Deluxe

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Premium edition of our standard expandable prefab/container home features stunning exterior design, top-tier materials, expert craftsmanship, and exceptional quality. Crafted with prefabricated walls and floors, the portable unit offers comfort during habitation, efficiency during transportation, and ample space when expanded, complete with a built-in restroom. The product's user-friendly design requires just a few uncomplicated steps to unfold over the course of hours.



  • Closed: 5.98m×1.80m×H 2.65m
  • Open: 5.98m×4.27m×H 2.65m
  • 1-bath+1-kitchen+1-living+1-bedroom


  1. Floor Module

0.426mm Colored Steel Sheet + Steel Frame + 89mm PU + 8mm PVC

  1. General Kitchen and Bathroom Module
  • Front and back wall: 7.5mm Plank + Steel Frame + 80mm PU + 9mm Bamboo and Wood Fiberboard
  • Side wall: 27mm craved metal board + 9mm OSB board + steel frame + 50mm glass wool + 9mm OSB board + 9mm bamboo and wood fiberboard
  • Partition wall: 9mm Bamboo and Wood Fiberboard + 9mm OSB Board + Steel Frame + 50mm Glass Wool + 9mm OSB Board + 9mm Bamboo and Wood Fiberboard
  1. Ceiling Module

0.426mm Colored Steel Sheet + Steel Frame +80mm PU + 9mm Bamboo and Wood Fiberboard

  1. Foldable Module

27mm Craved Metal Board + Steel Frame +75mm PU + 9mm Bamboo and Wood Fiberboard

  1. Doors & Windows Module

Aluminum alloy door frame + Double-layer tempered glass (5+9+5)

Aluminum alloy window frame + Double-layer tempered glass (5+9+5)


  • Can be loaded a on standard trailer for land transport
  • 2 units can be fitted into one 40' HIGH-CUBE container for ocean freight
  • Only one machine (forklift/ telehandler/ crane) is needed for on and off-loading, setting up, and tearing down


  • Quick set up and tear down (4 people in 8 hours)
  • Demountable & relocatable, luxury exterior & interior design
  • Multifunctionality: accommodation, office, storage, first aid, disaster relief, or any other purpose

Design Features:

  • Wind Load: Up to 200 kM/h
  • Roof Snow Load: 1.0 kN/m2
  • Seismic Resistance: Grade 9 (Category F in the U.S.)
  • Fire resistance: Grade 3 (0.5 hours)
  • Soundproofing: 60db
  • Anticorrosion: 20 years
  • Service life: 50 years                                                                               
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